art Berlin 27. September bis 30. September 2018

Zeit versetzt, 2018, Installation, 210 X 460 x 82 cm

ART Berlin
Bernd Reiter, ZEIT VERSETZT, Installation 2018, 210 x 460 x 82 cm 

Tempelhof Airport · Hangar 6 · Stand number 3.C.6
Tempelhofer Damm 45 · 12101 Berlin, Germany

The striking tail fin of the Russian Mig-21 is transformed into an enormous installation. The rear wing, part of a fighting machine and hence a silent threat, tells a story of the past, a story of a time in which it wreaked damage and triggered pain. The Mig-21 is a war machine that actually inflicted destruction. Here and today, dismantled into its individual pieces, having seemingly mutated into an innocent and harmless work of art, the wing documents a story enshrouded in mystery, with an aesthetic and radiant aura. Viewed as a political memorial, it is primarily representative of the evils of current crisis zones and interacts with the thoughts of its beholder. As a political artist and activist, Bernd Reiter creates works that shed light on the world in terms of a critique of consumption, society and the system. This makes his works morally evaluative.

© Bernd Reiter, Zollstockgürtel 67, 50969 Köln