Bernd Reiter.

‘My art is intense, it is Being!’

Art and an aesthetic relationship with construction and life in general, with architecture and the art of building have always characterised Bernd Reiter, his work and his entire intellectual legacy. Because Bernd Reiter is not only a businessman and property developer, positivist and provocateur – he is and always has been a publisher, and above all: an artist.

To look at sculptures an paintings.


Bernd Reiter.

The exhibitions curated by Bernd Reiter with internationally renowned Artists have generated a great deal of attention throughout the art scene

In 1987, together with a group of dedicated artists, Cologne artist Bernd Reiter founded the group currently known as ‘kunstverein koeln süd e.V.’ The group’s aim is to present the visual arts to a broad audience, promote developments in the arts and highlight the social significance of contemporary art.

For the past 30 years, the group has supported young, innovative and international art, offering a forum for exhibitions by artists dealing with the creation of three-dimensional works in the field of sculpture and spatial installations.

The kunstverein koeln sued e.V. International Art Prize is presented to artists involved in the creation of three-dimensional works. These works include sculptures, installations, video installations, objects and environments. The aim of the International Art Prize is to provide a reflection of global trends in the contemporary sculptural art scene. The Art Prize has already been announced and awarded five times worldwide.


Bernd Reiter – Artist – Curator – Patron of the Arts


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